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What is CryoDerm?

CryoDerm is an all-natural, 100% plant based topical analgesic that is made in the U.S.A., and is used to treat joint and muscle pain without any side effects.

This is the pain spray you’ve been hearing about. If you are looking to enhance your practice by offering drug free pain control to your patients, CryoDerm is your number one product for safe and effective pain relief. CryoDerm utilizes a powerful combination of all-natural ingredients to effectively break the pain cycle where it occurs in the body, delivering soothing relief that will last for hours.

Whom Do We Sell To?

Our wholesale customers are doctors, massage therapists and physical therapists. We also sell wholesale to owners of web stores.

CryoDerm is the best topical analgesic on the market! Our CryoDerm sprayWholesale Cryoderm is 100% Natural and plant based. No other analgesic spray can make that claim.

Your patients will love CryoDerm because it goes on cool and relieves pain in minutes. Buy wholesale CryoDerm now. “Ships to the USA ONLY”.

CryoDerm comes in 3 forms:

  • CryoDerm Spray
  • CryoDerm Rollon
  • CryoDerm Gel

CryoDerm will provide fast acting pain relief from:

  • Back pain, Shoulder pain and Neck Pain
  • Muscle Sprains, Strains, and Spasms
  • Arthritis, Bursitis and Tendonitis
  • Cramps and Bruises
  • Joint Pain, including Painful Wrist, Knee, Elbow, Knee and Ankle Joints
  • Tension Headache or Migraine

BENEFITS of CryoDerm Spray

  • Long Lasting Pain Relief – lasts for hours, not minutes
  • Non-greasy formula feels good on skin
  • Non-staining formula won’t ruin clothes or bedding
  • All Natural ingredientsPLANT BASED – Pleasant smell
  • Made in USA from quality ingredients (not in China like most other products)

Your patients will find CryoDerm irresistible, because it works so fast. Most doctors report that once they begin to use CryoDerm on their patients, it’s only a matter of letting the patient know that they can purchase at the front desk, most patients want to take a bottle home. You and your patients will NOT be disappointed.

CryoDerm, a natural topical analgesic, should not be used on open sores and wounds or be applied to mucous membranes. CryoDerm will not cure a particular ailment, but it will provide powerful, fast acting relief without the harmful effects of prescription drugs.


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